November 21, 2016

We were excited to be a part of the EDSpaces conference in Cincinnati recently--and to be wearing three hats while we were there, as presenters, listeners, and designer/builders. DOWA-IBI Group was one of the three firms invited to build a case study classroom in the convention center--so we had a chance to build and test out our (un)Classroom, a flexible space that can be configured to provide a variety of environments for different learning activities and styles.

Within the vast, drafty expanse of the convention center floor, the 50' x 50' area we had been allotted became a prototype learning laboratory, used for conference sessions and as general gathering space. Project Manager Rebecca Seward coordinated with vendor partners like V/S to arrange tables, stools, chairs, display walls, high-backed banquette seating, technology equipment, and other elements. The pieces were flexible, portable, and able to conform and transform into six different spaces: study, studio, seminar, stage, gather, and exhibit.